Richard Popp practices both Physical and Energy healing work.


Richard's profile:

*  Certified Energy Healer and Instructor

*  Certified CranioSacral Therapist

*  Licensed Minister

*  Licensed in Massage and Bodywork

*  Practicing healing work since 1994

*  Teaching healing classes since 1997

*  Author of 2 books:

    "Energy & Self Healing Workbook" 

     "Soul Evolution, The Road Back Home"

*  Degrees:

    Bachelor of Art in Accounting

    Bachelor of Art in Information Science

    Bachelor of Divinity in Metaphysical Science

Richard Popp is a graduate of the Chicago Psychic Institute's Clairvoyant Program and the Midwest Psychic Institute's Teachers Program.

Before his healing career, Richard spent 17 years as a computer programmer, analyst and team leader. 

"Richard Popp is a truly inspirational person.  He has greatly helped our entire family to achieve "groundedness" and more satisfaction from our lives."  C.F.

Richard Popp

Director, Healer and Teacher

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​Energy & Self Healing


By Richard Popp

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To learn more about Richard Popp's CranioSacral Therapy practice press:

Spiritual Awareness and Healing Institute 

Soul Evolution,

The Road Back Home

By Richard Popp 

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The Institute has many active students at varying degrees of training and experiences.


Richard sometimes have these students assist him with his energy healings and at holistic fairs.